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Catz (Discontinued)

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  • First they took over Egypt. Then Broadway. Then the internet. And now, they're taking over your manicure. These amazing matte finish “caticure” nail wraps aren't just any old cats either. These are the famous fluffy friends of the gorgeous glitter babes who make up the Espionage Cosmetics crew. These kitties are so cute, you'll want to take them home and make every day Caturday! (This message has been approved by Ceiling Cat.)

    Butyl Acetate, Titanium Dioxide, Isopropyl Alcohol, Nitrocellulose, Ethylbenzene, Acrylic Resin

    NailsGluten FreeVegan

Customer Reviews

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Jess aka stubbytumps J.a.s. Jess aka s.
Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit

Great for days when you can't pet all the cats or when you just need a pick me up. Plop one on as an accent nail, or wear them all and profess your undying love for your feline friends. Either way they are great. (I am personally hoarding mine and wearing them one at a time as an accent.)

tina t. tina

so cute! great for any crazy cat lady like me , i like to wear them one nail at a time as an accent so they last longer.

Andrea A. Andrea
Full points for one cat looking similar to one of mine

I'm still hoarding a set of these. They're great for weeks when I'm extra down because I sort of feel like the crazy cat lady in me is getting to take ALL the cats everywhere.

Also, people immediately will know you are a crazy cat lady.

This wrap helps declare that you are a crazy cat lady and proud of it!! (I know we are lol)
Emily E. Emily
A Deal I'll Deal With

I saw these and absolutely could not resist purchasing them. I held onto them for over six months, waiting until the perfect (purrfect?) moment to wear them. As nail wraps go, they went on as easy, as espionage wraps do. However, my nails are super short. My mom's a nurse, and I grew up hearing about all the horrific things that live under long nails, so I've never been able to let them grow out. Because of that, and because the kitty faces are so large, I had to recut the curved edge further down the wrap before I applied them. Despite doing this, some of the kitties' noses still didn't make it onto my nail. Next time, I think I'll recut them upsidown, such that they are facing me all day (I like to look at them more often than others do, haha) and so the faces might fit better on my nails. My only other complaint besides the large faces is that putting a clear topcoat on these made tiny bubbles all over the surface of the wraps - but it's only noticeable in the shine. All in all, though, I love these too much to care about those two tiny issues, especially given the price. I'll continue to buy them until they're out of stock forever!

We're sorry to hear their faces got cut off. That's so sad!
Amber Smith A.S. Amber S.
Perfect Gift for a Cat-Loving Friend

I purchased these nail wraps for a friend. She loved them. They lasted for about two weeks--longer when she took the extras and cut them to fit.