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  • 22 Wrap Set / BONUS: Mini nail file included!


    Alexander Hamilton along with James Madison and John Jay collaborated to compose a series of essays in defense of the new US Constitution originally titled “The Federalist”. The Constitution had been penned on September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia, PA the same city The Declaration of Independence was written. After the Constitution was introduced it was hotly debated and in many cases outright denounced by members of congress. Hamilton, Madison, and Jay sought to champion the document through their writing. The Federalist Papers, as they came to be known, were originally only meant to consist of 25 total articles with the work divided evenly among the three men. When all was said and done 85 essays were written in less than 6 months’ time. And in the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the writer of “Hamilton The Musical”:

    John Jay got sick after writing five. James Madison wrote twenty-nine. Hamilton wrote the other fifty-one!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nichole Connor N.C. Nichole C.
Beautiful and Topical

I'm a regular when it comes to this company, but these wraps in particular spark quite a bit of conversation. They're beautiful on their own, but the content is also significant in a way people aren't expecting when they shake your hand. Super great.

Sarah Kadish S.K. Sarah K.
Really fun

I loved these! I wish the "Federalist" title was a little bigger? I kept on having to awkwardly stick my thumbs out to show people. But these are so much fun, and drew in people of all kinds asking me about them and getting to talk about the musical and history.

They lasted well, though if I wasn't careful right after I put on the top coat, the letters would smudge a little.

Thank you for letting us know!! We will keep this in mind for future designs!
Patricia P. Patricia
Fun for Constitutional AND #Hamilton nerds

I absolutely loved these - they hold up remarkably well to my lifestyle of "writing like I'm writing out of time" on the keyboard all day every day. I *do* admit that finding the RIGHT topcoat is important, as I did notice a teeeeeeny amount of shrinkage, but other than that, I'm about to do another big order. :D Now do Pretty Deadly!

Alison A. Alison

These nail wraps are great for musical fans and I can't wait to show them off!
Also everyone who works at this company has been amazing and making sure I was able to get my hands on these nail wraps!

Sarah S. Sarah
Awesome, wow (not sarcasm)

Preordered these and couldn't wait to put them on. The printing on them is very clear, the colors are nice (slightly different shades of parchment for each nail), and as with all the nail wraps here, they went on easy and have stayed looking great (I've had them on fora week, bit have no doubt they will last at least two). Planning on wearing my second set when I actually get to see the musical in December!