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  • One thought crystallizes like an icy blast; you *need* these perfectly wintry wraps! Featuring swirly flurries of snow and ice at your fingertips and ready to take on the storm, there's no need to hide the girl inside. Embrace your beautiful, unique snowflake self and show it to the world, whether you choose to do so in the winter or in summer!

    Acetic Ether, Nitrocellulose, Glue, Acrylic Acid, Titanium Pigment, Isopropyl Alcohol, Pearl Powder

    NailsGluten FreeVegan

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jessica J. Jessica
Worked out great for me

I bought two sets of this one. One for me and one for my daughter. I wore mine for Yule and she put hers on for Christmas. My daughter's set lasted for a month or more. She never wanted to take them off and she wore them until they had mostly fallen off. I change my manicure too often for that but mine lasted well until I changed them out.

Meghan M. Meghan
Let it go-but its beautiful

I worn for my niece's first birthday on 2016- and they loved it! Its lovely

Allie A. Allie
Thawed too fast

Mine didn't even last an hour on my nails. I expect that they reacted with something in my top coat (which I have used with other EC nail wraps w/o issue, strangely, It's) and they began to bubble, blister, and actually dissolve off my nails in less than an hour. I love the design, but I could not honestly recommend these wraps to anyone. Such a shame, too, because we've got a blizzard outside that I really want to get some shots in with these wraps!

We are sorry to hear your wraps did not react well with your top coat. We have found that top coats labeled as Fast drying, Base & Top, or no chip tend to react badly with our wraps. This particular wrap is the first we have offered with a pearl finish, which might be why your top coat hasn't reacted until this one.
Drea D. Drea
Ice Queen

I did not have any issues with these nail wraps as other reviews have commented. They lasted about 3 weeks. I loved the color, they made me look so tan! I wore them to a winter wedding and everyone was just dazzled by them!

Sabrina S. Sabrina
Day one, not looking great

Heed the other reviews, the design is very cute, but for whatever reason these do not "stick" the same way as other EC nail wraps I have used. So my finished product was a little bubbly and even chipped in one spot on the very first day (I typically get at least a week or more). Would not buy this design again.