Mysterious Mysteries

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Mysterious Mysteries

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  • Six Mysterious Mysteries, wrapped up and delivered! Can't decide? Let us choose for you! Feel like living dangerously? Let us choose for you! Give us the power, minion! GIVE US THE POW- Whoops. Got a little carried away there. Ahem... Six nail wrap sets. We pick 'em, you wear 'em. You know the rules - no tradesies, no take-backsies!

    What's Inside This Nerd Manicure Bundle:
    Mystery Wrap x6
    Mystery Wraps
    (Yep! Six of them!)

    Please note: Ordering multiple Mystery products may result in receiving duplicate items. All sales are final for Mystery products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
So impressed

I honestly thought the mysteries were going to be crap that the company couldn't sell. Boy was I wrong! It had a ton of awesome wraps that I can't wait to wear!

Thank you for leaving us a review, Anne! We are delighted to hear that you were not disappointing with the Mysterious Mysteries that you received! It also made us giggle as we read it so thank you for that too!!
Like a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a vest!

Do you feel lucky? Do you? Throw caution to the wind and let the mystical Espionage elves pick your nail wrap destiny! Maybe you'll get a design you've always wanted... maybe you'll get something you never considered buying... and maybe (just maybe!) you'll get something that's not even available to purchase on the website! But no matter what, you'll get six somethings, and you won't know what they are until you unwrap their sparkly question-mark-bedazzled sleeves!

I've gotten a great mix of designs, including some mystery pack exclusives, AND I've gotten a Golden Ticket! Which, after I sang a song about it, was a great lure to get me back for another order of these packs...

Spontaneous singing for the win!
Fun surprises

Great mix of wraps and a good price. I only wish I could get the pixelated question marks as a wrap, too!

There are two designs exclusive to the Mystery Wraps. Maybe the design you are looking for is one of them....... May the odds be ever in your favor!