Mystery Loot of Mystery || Unicorn Theme

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Take a chance and grab this chunk of Mystery Loot of Mystery for an added bonus to your order! BUT WHAT IS IT? If we knew we'd tell you. Okay, probably not, but what would be the fun in revealing it now?! YOU MUST WAIT AND ALL SHALL REVEAL ITSELF IN TIME. It can be ANYTHING! Literally anything. Care to join us on this adventure into the unknown?


Examples of what you MAY find nestled between your Nerd Manicures and/or Nerd Makeup:


Retired Nerd Makeup, stickers, exclusive pins, Chris Hemsworth, handwritten Post-Its, Nerd Manicures, manicure kits, that stale fortune cookie from the kitchen, convention swag, Polaroids of Mecha G, buttons, humidors, tiny erasers in the shapes of food, fistfuls of glitter, fandom loot, game keys, your horoscope as told by the Nerd Misfits, unreleased prototypes, art, and SO. MUCH. MORE. 


Only one Mystery Loot permitted per order.
No take backsies. No tradesies. None.