Mystery Nail Mail: Literary

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NEXUS has been revamped. It is now called Nail Mail and is enjoying a new format. Snag these older themes for a discounted price while they still exist!

Hello there, adventurer. If you’re into uncovering mysteries then you’ve certainly come to the right page. We’ve got this handy dandy subscription service called NEXUS that ships out two brand new nail wrap designs every month. If you haven’t taken advantage of this epic service, then here’s your chance to try it out commitment-free. Much like raiding a tomb, the contents are unknown.

What you’ll know: You'll receive one random Nexus Literary package (past theme), which will include two nail wrap designs.
What you won’t know: Which theme you’ll receive. That’s in the hands of Zoltarthas now! 

Please note: Ordering multiple Mystery products may result in receiving duplicate items. All sales are final for Mystery products.