Nail Files (2-pack)

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Nail Files (2-pack)

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  • Our nail file is the basic tool needed to bring your new #NerdManicure to life! After pressing the wrap on to your nail, simply fold down the excess over the edge of your nail and use one of these handy files to file away the excess wrap!

Customer Reviews

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Melissa Garner M.G. Melissa G.
So cute!

I love these cute little files! They're cheap and they are the perfect size to fit under the nail for filing. They seem a little rougher than an average file as well

Carla C. Carla
The X Files

I'm used to using more professional and larger files and decided to go with these little ones to see how well they worked. Turns out they are WONDERFUL. They didn't file away at my nail, and did what they were supposed to do (in this case file off the excess wrap). I then decided to give the file a try on my actual nail to gauge how well it filed and was surprised to find that it did not leave jagged edges on my nails.

Very awesome product if used properly! Three thumbs up!

Andrea A. Andrea
Disappointed in the size

I was bummed that these weren't the big padded nail files at the price - these are like the Revlon nail files that come in packs of 50...but these are definitely cuter than those.

Jessica Willsey J.W. Jessica W.
Great for Nail Wraps

My first order included nail wraps, the humidor, and these files. I used one of these files for my first experience with the nail wraps. It made removing the excess wrap so easy. I am going to use these for that sole purpose. Glad I bought them.

Alexis A. Alexis
Best files for wraps

These files are the best I've found for working with nail wraps. The grit is rough enough to be effective, but not so rough that the wraps get damaged. I don't like this file as much for actually shaping my nails, but I have plenty of other options for that. At 2 for $1, these are well worth it. One usually lasts me 6-8 wrap applications (they might last longer if I didn't lose them!)