Nerd Manicure Humidor

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Nerd Manicure Humidor

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  • Keep your nail wraps cozy and extend the duration of their lives with this protective, airtight sleeve. Much like vampires, our nail wraps shy away from direct sunlight and like to be stored in a cool, dry place for the best results. Say nevermore to dry, brittle nail wraps! Simply toss any remaining nail wraps from an opened package into the humidor and keep them nice and fresh for your next manicure venture!

Customer Reviews

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Channon C. Channon
Good construction

Seems to be of good materials and works well. Even fits the one set of wraps from another company someone gave me as a gift. So they're all in there, 8 packages of wraps and all protected.

Skylar S. Skylar

I like this product very much. It's surprisingly made very well and the seal is definitely safe and tight. Very good for those saving the leftover wraps for another day.

Ellen Kammerer E.K. Ellen K.
All My Wraps in One Place

Not only is this perfect for those spare wraps, but I've put my entire stash of wraps in here. It's perfect to take on go and to store them so they don't slide all over the place. I kinda wish there was a humidor/storage item and nail kit combo container - then I could keep everything in one place.

That is an excellent idea! We will keep that in mind for the future!!
Nina N. Nina
You need this.

This thing is intense. There are 2 ziploc style closures and then a snap closure on top of that. You may not survive it, but your nail wraps are sure to make it through a nuclear fallout with this.

Tineke T. Tineke
get one

Can you believe I just used to throw the spare wraps from a pack out? Pffffft.

The spare wraps are perfect for accent nails or sometimes even toes! You definitely wanna catch 'em all with this!