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  • Don't go in the water! Without your Sharks wraps, that is. Represent this top predator with an ichthyological manicure! Resplendent with menacing jaws, sinister silhouettes, and one very large shark noggin, these wraps are an astounding array of aquatic Animalia Chordata Chondrichthyes! When you're sporting these wraps, everyone else is chum!

    Acetic Ether, Nitrocellulose, Glue, Acrylic Acid, Titanium Pigment, Isopropyl Alcohol

    NailsGluten FreeVegan

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kiri K. Kiri

These wraps are super fun. Great colours/contrast, and the big shark heads are just small enough to fit on my short-nailed thumbs. I will definitely add another set to my next order!

Lisa Ligatich L.L. Lisa L.

I ordered The Sharks, Tenticles, and Mermaid scales and I am absolutely in love. I have even mixed the three for a fun ocean feel.

Drea D. Drea
Clenching Teeth

My best friend's 12 year old daughter chose this nail wrap to take home with her as her 2nd nail wrap design. She almost went with a Jurassic themed nail wrap, but at the last minute changed her mind to the sharks. As I stated in another review, parting with my nail wraps is always a challenge... but sharing my passion of Espionage Cosmetics far out weighs the struggle of parting with my beloved wraps. :)

Linden L. Linden

Love these wraps. I got them for a friend whose favorite movie is Jaws and then had to get myself a set too! Super easy to apply and they look awesome

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