The Last Unicorn: Schmendrick

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The Last Unicorn is a book and movie that sparked our childhood sense of wonder and belief in hidden magic, and stayed with us. Beauty, dark magic, a quest and heroic feats, mystery, talking cats, sorrow, forgiveness, and an offbeat sense of humor keep this story just as magical and incredible to us “grown ups,” some of whom are now introducing it to our own kids. These exclusive nail-art designs were created to celebrate the ongoing The Last Unicorn Screening tour… and it’s just the beginning.

Acetic Ether, Nitrocellulose, Glue, Acrylic Acid, Titanium Pigment, Isopropyl Alcohol

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Nail Wraps - The Last Unicorn

I am a new user to the concept of nail wraps who discovered them because of some designs utilized from "The Last Unicorn". I have gotten a few of the older designs as well as the newer ones and plan to branch out from there!

Pros: The colors and linework of all the wraps I received are GORGEOUS. They are very crisp and vibrant, even the ones with glitter! They come with enough in a box to do either all your nails once, or just hands (or toes!) twice with a few extra.

As a beginner to nail wraps, all it took was watching a short and informative tutorial posted by the company once to understand how it worked and then again while I was doing it just to make sure I didn't miss a step! Much easier than painting your nails and the wraps last a few weeks! Basically pick, place, trim, seal, dry, done!

"Cons": I don't have enough money to spend on all the things I want, and if you fall in love with a design it might be retired (but they tend to pull them back out, so not all hope is lost!). Looking at you, unicorns riding the waves! ;D

Customer Service: Fan-tast-ic. The Nerd Misfits have been an amazing help, even when I made a purchase and used the wrong coupon they were incredibly communicative, understanding, and clear. They fixed it for me, after the purchase, and I was even happier than I already was! (It wasn't a dealbreaker, I just had a more limited use coupon I'd meant to use first!).

They also do lots of fun things like conventions and, recently, their birthday slumber party livestream where they interact with customers personally and do giveaways and previews of upcoming items! They're always trying to add to their inventory and are HILARIOUSLY charming!

Shipping: A few days of turn over and a few days of shipping to me out in Colorado (from Washington). Accurate to the notice you receive, though in my experience I always received earlier than estimated. Well padded package, love the sticker adornments. Also love the hilarious email confirmat...

Hello Kayliana, Wow! What a great review. This is the kind of feedback that makes our hearts fly. The part that stands out to us is you were new to the concept and have had such a FANtastic experience overall. The 'con' that you listed made me LOL. Hopefully, sales, spinner discounts and other giveaways and freebies are enough to support your need for more Nerdy cosmetics in your life. I will be sharing this review with the team so that all members can grab a little level up from your excitement. :D Thank you!! There is so much AWESOME on the way. Stay Tuned. XOXOX The Nerd Misfits & Minions