Her Universe Fashion Show 2018 Gets Timey-Wimey

  • By Espionage Cosmetics

Her Universe Fashion Show 2018 Gets Timey-Wimey

Did you catch our Facebook Live videos from the Her Universe Fashion Show today??? If you missed them there are links to the videos below. We were back yet again as sponsors for the fashion show! While also providing hair and makeup for the models strutting down the runway. It was a day full of geek fashion and community! It was magical to watch all the models, hair and makeup artists, volunteers, and others interacting. Everyone was there to make sure it was the best show it could be! In my humble opinion, I think we succeeded!

Part way thru the show Ashley Eckstein came on stage to let us know there had been a mistake. A model missed their chance on the runway, only for it to be revealed it was Jodie Whittaker! RIGHT?!!?! It was such a shock! I'm still in shock!!!

This epic show would not have been possible without the help and support of some incredible brands! First the Her Universe Fashion Show sponsors BoxLunch, Hot Topic, Loungefly, and Cartoon Network! SexyHair provided some fantastic product and EpicCosplay Wigs provided wigs for some of the models. Finally, Makeup Medley and SUVA Beauty for their help with makeup, thank you! Thank you to all those involved! And thank you to those who attended!

Did you enjoy the show?

Images by Karen Borter Photography

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