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  • The only thing worse than a bad manicure is a bad villain. These comic book inspired glitter nail wraps help you fight crime and keep your nails beautiful for up to 2 weeks. With all your favorite onomatopoeias, you can send any joker running with a “BAM! POW! THWACK!” and a TKO all without chipping a nail. Go on, be the terror that glitters in the night; just remember, no capes!

    Butyl Acetate, Titanium Dioxide, Glitter Powder, Isopropyl Alcohol, Nitrocellulose, Ethylbenzene, Acrylic Resin

     Full Glitter
    NailsGluten FreeVegan

Customer Reviews

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So Fun!

I loved these wraps! I wish I'd had longer nails when I wore them so you could see the stripes and polka dots, but they looked amazing anyways. I got so many compliments on these!

Hi Karen, YASSS..... These are magical. Love the comic nerd manicure. Your nails look totes gorgeous. :) Thank you for the review.

I love, love, these wraps! So easy to apply and look FANTASTIC!!! Bonus, both my son's think I'm cool now


I have a love hate relationship with these wraps. On one hand they look great and I can get two manicures out of a set. ( Actually they look great on both hands. :P ) I love the shine and the different designs and colors. It really makes the manicure stand out and is great for comic costumes and cosplay.
However, these didn't stand up as well without a topcoat as some of the other sets have. I also found them slightly more difficult to apply when trying to get two manicures out of a set. The glitter seems to change their composition a bit.
It is worth the fuss though. I just have to make sure not to wear them when constructing anything or doing really vigorous photo-shoots.

OMG, The Best!

When I put these on I was blown away on how cool the sparkle looked. I also have a few of these in my stash for a special day like Comic Book Day.

Cool Comic Book Wraps

I loved this design. I was complimented on it frequently when I wore them. I definitely want to get more and was glad to see this style of comic book design for nail wraps. They're just another great way to show geek pride.