Galaxy Wavelengths

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Okay, we literally have the coolest nail wraps in the galaxy. In fact, we have all the coolest galaxies on these nail wraps. Hand curated by Bobak Ferdowsi (remember that NASA guy with the awesome mohawk?) these wraps are genuine image rendered for the splendor of living on your fingertips. We even put the names of the galaxies on one of the wraps so you can dazzle your friends with your brains as well as your beauty. With these nail wraps in your beauty bag, you'll be the coolest girl in science class.

Acetic Ether, Nitrocellulose, Glue, Acrylic Acid, Titanium Pigment, Isopropyl Alcohol

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I was apprehensive because I've been fooled by nail wraps before, but these are even better than I could have hoped! Super flexible so they're easy to mold to my curvy nails and just sticky enough that 1- I don't have to start with a half-dried basecoat and 2- I can still move them around a bit if I screw up applying them. The designs are so detailed an unique. Two gorgeously wrapped thumbs up!

The glowing lights

We understand so much. But the sky behind those lights- Mostly void, partially stars- that sky reminds us we don't understand even more. WTNV
Love these wraps!!! the galaxies fit the nail bed perfectly and the void at the end of the wrap give a great background to endless colors of the wraps. i do wish that the biggest wrap, ersa major was another galaxy instead of a constellation it makes it seem like that wrap is just some random manufacturing mistake instead of a cluster of stars.
these did not last quite as long as my other nails and i really wished these wraps didn't dry out so fast so that i could make these my accent nail with a cool polish. Keep up the great work.

If you are not using a Humidor to store your left over wraps, we highly recommend picking one up! (
Brings a whole new meaning to galaxy nails

Seriously these are great. I was worried that they wouldn't fit on my nails right but they are absolutely perfect. I'm absolutely going to have to order another set because I want them to last forever. I have never gotten so many compliments on my nails in my life. Yay for space nails!

Captain's Log, 94369.98: Earth is graced with nail wraps!

I have a routine I like to follow each day on the U.S.S. Enterprise. I wake up, paint my nails, and stare at the color intensely until the polish dries. That was until I discovered these nail wraps. Now, I wake up, apply my "nerd manicure", and gaze upon the galaxy wavelengths on my nails as I stir my tea. Earl Grey. Hot, of course. The top coat over the nail wraps dries long before I even finish my tea. Since there are 14 nails in one set, I use the remaining wraps for Worf's big toes on his good days. It's brilliant.

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To Explore brave new worlds

These nail wraps were the perfect addition to my outfit for the Star Trek party! The galaxy design fit just right on my nails.