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  • "Here's mani!" Retreat to a snowy resort destination if isolation is what you seek. During your stay, you will see the carpet reaches to all rooms, but as you roam the halls, heed this warning: Beware Room 237. The design you see here is patterned to deliver a murderous message in the dark, and no, it's not the color of Jack Sparrow's favorite drink.

    Acetic Ether, Nitrocellulose, Glue, Acrylic Acid, Noctilucent Powder, Titanium Pigment, Isopropyl Alcohol

    GlossGreen Glow In The Dark
    NailsGluten FreeVegan

Customer Reviews

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Jess aka stubbytumps J.a.s. Jess aka s.

I put these on for a cosplay the night before Planet Comicon and went out for dinner. When I got back to the room and went to bed, the nails glowed so bright it surprised both my husband and I.
Though we were expecting glow in the dark... we weren't expecting quite that much.

The day of the convention they looked great and I got tons of compliments. People noticed them nearly as much as the costume. Thanks for the perfect final touch, Glitter Misfits. As always you have the perfect nail accessories for the girl in need.

Courtney Floyd C.F. Courtney F.
Great for people with short nails.

LOVE. THESE. WRAPS. This is one of my favorite Espionage Cosmetics nail wrap designs so far. It doesn't matter what length my nails are; the design comes out perfectly. You have to hold your nails under light for the glow in the dark effect to really show up, but when it does it's clean and clear. And entertaining AF. The words are a bit smaller than I expected them to be, but you can still tell what they say.

K1138 K. K1138
Love them, but hard to apply

I've had them on for two days, and so far so good! They look cool. They were harder to apply than I anticipated though, and I had to trim almost all of them to fit my nail width (and I don't think I have especially narrow nail beds). So the process was longer than it seemed like it should be, and trimming accurately/evenly is hard. I wish they had one additional "nail" in each kit, starting one size smaller. There are a couple of areas starting to peel up, where the polish is wider than my nail (and I missed it in trimming) so didn't adhere as well. I doubt I'll get two weeks of wear, but I'd be happy if I get 5-6 days!

GeekMom G. GeekMom
How do they do that

I wondered how these would glow with the word Redrum all over. Then I turned off the lights and I saw it! The whole design disappears and all you see is redrum! It's so cool! What a great tribute to The Shining too! Easy to apply and easy to remove. Just add a clear coat for a long lasting mani!

Glow in the dark for the win!
Anne A. Anne

These are very pretty -- from a distance no one knows what you /really/ have on your nails...
the glow in the dark feature is awesome.

Come nerd manicure with us Anne........